JPA's Top August Stories!

  • Planting Acorns: An interview with Dr. Rob Siegel, JPA's New Clinical Director.
  • Notes and News: Meet JPA's newest team member, see how the Great Basement Clean Out of 2017 turned out and more in our Notes and News!
  • Interview with Marlita White: If you think Chicago’s lost its ability to think big thoughts and make big plans, you haven’t seen Healthy Chicago 2.0: Partnering to Improve Health Equity, 2016-2020 or met Marlita White. Learn how she's working towards achieving health equity and reducing health inequities in our Chicago


Building futures

All children deserve the right to a good education and the chance to achieve their fullest potential. But children who suffer from trauma, abuse, neglect, and violence, face tough obstacles learning in school, building positive relationships, and feeling safe. The Juvenile Protective Association's mission is to improve the social and emotional well-being of vulnerable children through relationship-oriented therapeutic interventions.

We do this by providing individual and small group therapy in schools, social and emotional development to classrooms, support to parents and caregivers, and through consultation with educators and child welfare experts. Our goal is to help kids heal so they can build a better future.


Counseling & Treatment

JPA’s therapeutic approach involves harnessing children’s natural drive to learn, to succeed and to engage in positive relationships, while lowering psychological barriers that impede progress.

With over a decade of work in schools in some of Chicago’s most challenged neighborhoods, JPA has learned that children are ultimately motivated to learn and thrive more by positive relationships than material rewards.

JPA not only provides therapy to children, but also helps educators discover new strategies and interventions they can use with one child or an entire classroom.

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Information resources for parents, caregivers and professionals


JPA believes in parternships where everyone - teachers, support staff, parents and caregivers, and even the children - can contribute to building healthy communities and positive relationships. JPA's Learning Center is aimed at professionals in child welfare, educators and families. Learn more


Serving communities for over 116 years

Throughout its 116 year history, JPA has been at the forefront in addressing child abuse and neglect. Founded by Jane Addams and her colleagues during the Progressive Era, JPA is a reflection of their desire to uplift society and their belief in the possibility of reform. In its earliest incarnation, JPA provided the city’s first probation officers for children.

JPA serves more than 2,000 children and families each year.

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