At Work in the Community

There are wonderful agencies throughout Chicago working in communities to bring services to local residents. JPA is proud to collaborate with local agencies. If you are interested in partnering with JPA, please contact us!


Sumner Academy’s principal talks about how JPA and the school work to support children’s literacy.


Learn how JPA works with teachers as well as students to help them identify issues that interfere with student learning.

Early Home Visiting Mental Health Partnership (EHVMHP)
JPA's Early Home Visiting Mental Health Partnership is an exciting pilot program in which JPA provides an integrated set of mental health services to augment Carole Robertson Center for Learning’s home visiting services--including individual, family, and group services for parents and consultation for staff. JPA therapists trained in psychodynamic treatment approaches and attachment theory provide an integrated set of mental health services, including infant mental health consultation to staff, mental health screening for parents, and supportive psychoeducational groups/workshops for parents and parent child dyads, along with individual or dyadic psychotherapy services for parents/children at the Carole Robertson Center for Learning.

Community Mental Health Partnership at Children’s Place Association (CPA)
JPA provides services within the early childhood education and foster care programs of CPA—a well-known and trusted agency on the West Side of Chicago serving vulnerable populations facing serious health issues, poverty and disability. The CPA partnership started in 2011. Direct services provided at the CPA Early Learning Center include play therapy for children, counseling for parents, and classroom observations that inform JPA consultations with parents and teachers.

Learn more about Children's Place Association.

Prevention Services through Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation
The aim of these services is to increase awareness and understanding of mental health issues through research, best practice consultation and training. These services are targeted to “substitute caregivers” and other professionals in their work with vulnerable children from disadvantaged families, many of whom have experienced trauma in their young lives.

JPA’s objectives are to help substitute caregivers develop care giving capacities and skills by: 1) supporting/building upon their wish to nurture these young children; 2) assisting them in identifying/meeting the emotional and concrete needs of children in their care; and, 3) responding to their own unmet needs that inhibit responsiveness to children in their care.

If you are interested in learning more about the services for parents and children, please contact Norma Swanson Irie, Coordinator for Parenting & early Childhood Services at 312-440-1295 or at

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